Mike’s Tool Boxes April 5, 2020


You can tell a lot about someone by their tool boxes. This top one belonged to Mike’s(ourEastern Regional Manager and my son-in-law) great great grandfather. He built it for himself in the late 1800’s and brought it with him when he immigrated to the United States from England. This thing is a monster and, with the tools, ways over a hundred pounds. Mike plans on preserving the tools and returning it to his mom. She is going use it as a base for a coffee table. Before you start hollering “sacrilege”, this will keep this box and its tools in a climate controlled environment and should preserve them well so they can eventually take it to “Antiques Road Show”.


This box is the one he and his father shared at their shop where they serviced their fleet of semis used for hauling oversized loads. They continued to use it when they bought and sold trucks, specializing in pre-electronic log models. It has a lot of specialty tools for truck maintenance that wont be used in our shop but obviously it also has a lot of generic tools.


This tool box is Mike’s portable tool box he used in their shop and just like most good mechanics, you can see he is a little anal. I might actually start liking my son-in-law.


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