Scrapped July 13, 2018


Occasionally, we will deliver machines instead of shipping them when the customer is close to the factory. We usually do this when the dealer is taking the old grinders in trade. We bring them back to the factory and store them for the dealer. Because they are not worth much, the dealer ends up giving them to us. We had one set of our competitors’ grinders in storage for several years. We looked at repairing them but the cost of the parts was more than the grinders would be worth. So even though they were only fifteen years old, we decided to scrap them. We got $67 for the reel and bed knife grinder. I was disappointed because that is my Christmas money. A quick calculation showed that we would have gotten about $105 if we had scrapped a set of our older grinders. Even though our grinders are more compact, they weigh significantly more because we use plate steel instead of sheet metal in the construction. Even better news, we will pay a minimum of $1,000 for any old Peerless 2000 or newer grinder regardless of condition. The one on the left in the photo went underwater twice in two weeks when a muddy river overflowed its banks…$1,000. The one on the right was left outside for an extended period of time…$1,000. Both of those will be completely disassembled and remanufactured to like new condition. The one in the middle is about 23 years old and was well maintained. It will be checked out and sold as used.

Brace Yourself July 7, 2018


A year and a half ago, I changed the design of the Ideal 6000 door. I added two braces to the top panel. This stiffened the door and provided better bonding of the panels to the frame. It also split the top panel into three smaller panels which means you can buy replacements at the local Lowes or Home Depot or we can easily ship them via UPS. The original 6000 door was all Lexan with no metal frame. If it became damaged or dirty, you had to replace the whole thing at a cost of over $1,000 with shipping. Now you can replace a damaged panel for about $30.

One of the main reasons that we made this change is that the top panel would come loose from the frame because it was so large. By splitting it into three pieces, the panels were much smaller with a larger taped surface. Two sided tape is used because it minimizes stress which can cause the Lexan to crack.

We now have a free upgrade kit for anybody who has an Ideal 6000 with the original steel frame door. It takes about 30 minutes to install and gives you all of the benefits of the new 6000 door. You can see video installation instructions here. Contact us or your local dealer and order Part Number 60022-10.

If you watch the video, please ignore the fact that I badly need a haircut.

Wired July 1, 2018


We do a pretty good job of providing factory direct telephone support especially with the advent of Skype and Face Time. A picture or a quick video makes it very easy to diagnose almost every problem…almost. We occasionally get a call that the spin motor on a reel grinder is not working so we tell them to first check the fuses and that almost always fixes it. If not and it is an older machine, we tell them to check the brushes and that fixes most of the rest of them. If it doesn’t then it is in the controller, the motor or the wiring. This requires that you pull out a multimeter and start checking both the input AC voltage and the output DC voltage. If you have AC going in and no DC coming out then it is the controller. If you have DC to the plug then it is the motor, fairly straight forward to trouble shoot.

Last week, we had a customer that has an older 2000 and I was told that his spin motor had stopped working. We went through the trouble shooting and from what he told us, it needed a new controller board. We sent him a new board, he replaced it and it still did not work. After a week or two of back and forth on the phone with no luck, Larry and I were stumped so he decided to drive from Phoenix to Texas and see if he could solve the problem. After a few hours of checking everything, it looked like the new replacement board had to be defective, so Larry drove to the local Grainger and bought another one. The next morning, he installed it and it STILL didn’t work. As we talked on the phone we were frustrated but decided it was not likely that we had three bad controllers from two different manufactures, bought in two different cities. I felt something had to be wrong with the wiring even though the multimeter test said it was okay. I told Larry to send me pictures of all of the wiring connections. The minute I saw the above picture, I knew the problem, the black wire to terminal 2 on one contactor and the white wire to terminal 2 on the other contactor had been reversed. After I pointed that out we tried to figure out how that could happen. Turns out that the spin motor had not just stopped working. It had not been working for at least three years. A new mechanic came in and tried to use it when he determined what was wrong. He did not know that the previous mechanic had replaced the contactors, three years ago and that is when the spin motor stopped working. Larry reversed the two wires and the machine works fine. So if you call in for support, please be patient when we ask you a bunch of questions or ask you to send us a bunch of pictures. In the long run it will save you some time and us a four day trip to Texas just to switch some crossed wires.

Happy Fourth of July.

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