Ready to Rock

John Patterson is at it again. If he keeps this up, I am going to have to put him on the payroll. This is a real nice set up, and finally gives him a more efficient operation. Read more about it here.

1935 Peerless

James Butler of Hales Location Golf Course shows off his 1935 Peerless reel grinder that they still use regularly. I have been trying to get him to trade it in but no luck yet.


Stephen Tucker's Blog

Stephen Tucker had some nice things to say about the SIP Grinders on his blog here.


Steve Jobs

I bought my first Mac in 1984. It made me feel like I could do anything. So in 1988 I bought SIP when it was on its last legs. I rebuilt it with the guidance of "What would Apple do?" They would design and build the best products they could with ground breaking technology. That is what I tried to do. Critical to achieving that is the Mac. With no IT department, I was able to create beautiful brochures, creative product videos, effective manuals and training videos, detailed and complex engineering documents and models, all controlling data bases, and this web site. All of this was possible because of you. You gave me the passion and the tools. Thank you.

Relief Hi Blade Count Reels

John Patterson of PGA National Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida shows how easy it is to put relief on a Toro 14 blade reel. John says he was able to get 25 degree and 90 percent relief with a new stone and a reel that was about 4.8 inches in diameter.


TurfTech Review

Eric Kulaas of the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida wrote a real nice review of a demo I did for him. You can read the whole review here.

Posted by John at 7/26/2013 8:48 AM

Simplex Ideal Peerless (SIP) Grinders

Warning: shameless plug follows:

Use 'em - I do!

I don't make a habit of endorsing machines or manufacturers, but on this subject I feel compelled to voice my preference because SIP grinders have allowed me to fundamentally change the way I approach reel-type cutting unit maintenance. If you are in a position to benefit from my experience, then surely good karma will come my way. Here is where I state that I have no financial interest in SIP Corporation, and am not compensated by them in any way.

I have been in the turf maintenance industry since 1993, and have used grinders of all types. I started on an Express Dual, then used Neary and Foley machines before settling on Peerless reel grinders and Ideal bedknife grinders. In my opinion there are no better grinders on the market, and here's why:

The Peerless reel grinder is, for all practical purposes, like grinding a cutting unit on a surface plate. The grinder will not let you grind a unit which is out of parallel, and once the unit is parallel there is simply nothing faster or more accurate out there. The Ideal bedknife grinder is also the fastest, most accurate knife grinder available at any price (and they aren't the most expensive by far). Using the pin alignment system, the knives are indexed from the bed bar pivot point rather than the front face of the knife so that time is not wasted adjusting the knife position in the machine. Having two grinder heads also speeds up the process time by grinding both the top and front faces simultaneously.

When I started at PGA National we had three reel grinders and two bedknife grinders from a different manufacturer to maintain approx 120 reels and they were lapping reels because they couldn't keep up with the grinding. When I told the technicians we were no longer going to lap reels and were moving to 100% precision grinding, they looked at me like I was from another planet. Two years later there's no way you could get any of them to pick up a lapping brush. We now maintain all those reels with one reel grinder and one bedknife grinder.

We have gotten good enough at grinding that we started a little internal competition to see just how fast we could "turn-n-burn" a Toro 5510 fairway mower. Most in the industry will tel you this task will take three to four hours. Some will say it's a half-day job. We got the time down to 2:30 for one man, 1:00 for two men, and a mind-blowing 20 minutes for a three man team. When I shared this with SIP President Mark Pilger, he wanted to come by and record the three-man operation and I was more than happy to oblige.

Patco Turf Review

John Patterson of PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida shared his thoughts on his former blog. His new blog is at

Remanufactured 2000

Hyland Hills Country Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina is the first to have their Peerless 2000 remanufactured and added the new auto-opening shield.

TSP of Liberty, South Carolina, our Dealer for the Carolinas, arranged to have the grinder picked up and delivered.

The remanufactured Peerless 2000 has all of the latest updates, including the new TorqueControl relief grinding system, a better fence jack and an improved spin motor.


Larry sets land speed record

Using the Peerless 7000, Larry set a new world's speed record for grinding reels. See how fast the Peerless 7000 is.


Walt Clements Retires...
Grinders Don't.

We paid a courtesy visit to head mechanic Walt Clements at Alden Pines Golf Course in Bokeelia Florida. We checked out Walt’s Peerless 2000 reel grinder and Ideal 1000 bedknife grinder and verifyied that they were still grinding to factory specs! Walt is retiring after 19 years in the Golf Business. Purchased in 1998, his SIP grinders will stay on the job and deliver the same accuracy they gave on the day they arrived.

Update: Walt was called back from retirement in 2014 to cover for the mechanic's medical leave and the grinders are still doing fine.