The Simplex 5000
Rotary Blade Mill

Fastest. Instead of grinding the rotary blade like other aftermarket sharpeners, the Simplex 5000 is a milling machine and duplicates the original manufacturing process. We sharpen the blade the same way the manufactures do. Now you can remove up to .050 inches per pass instead of just .001-.002 when grinding. This means in most cases, you can sharpen your rotary blades in a single pass.

Most precise. The custom mounting fixture is fully adjustable for any straight edge rotary blade. It precisely locates the blade so the same amount of material is removed from both ends, virutally eliminating the need to balance the blades when you are done.

Innovative. Using a milling process instead of grinding results in shelf to shelf times of 2 to 3 minutes per blade. The pnuematically balanced milling head lets the head feed smoothly and easily. The optional Vortec Air Cooling Systems keeps the blade cooler without creating a mess. Finally, the Power Feed option lets you sharpen blades in a production mode.

Order Numbers

50001-01 - Milling Machine without tooling or fixtures
50001-02 - Tooling and Fixtures
50201-01 - Power Feed
50202-01 - Digital Read Out
50200-01 - Vortec Cooling