Auto Carriage Travel

The optional carriage drive is powered by a sealed, permanently lubricated rodless pneumatic cylinder with a self draining filter regulator. This makes the carriage drive virtually maintenance free. It can be purchased with the grinder or easily added at a later time.

Order Number 55001-01


Vortec Cooling

The cooling system uses compressed air forced through a vortex then expanded to chill the air to close to freezing. This results in cleaner and less expensive cooling.

Order Number 50200-01


Ceramic Stone

The Green Ceramic Stone will grind bed knives in half the time as a standard aluminum oxide stone. Its Microfracture technology significantly reduces dressing and cuts cooler. Originally designed for the super hard blades, it also works well on all standard bed knives.

Order Number 79028-03


Other Options

The Calibration Bar is ground flat and parallel to within .001 inches and can be used to check the quality of your grind and the calibration of your grinder.
Order Number 77365-01

Extended 10 year warranty
Order Number 77565-01