Relief Grinding

Our patented TorqueControl™ Relief Grinding is unique because it uses the Reel Drive Motor through a slip clutch to hold the reel blade against the grinding stone. The relief grinding mechanism uses a blade stop to control the amount of relief and an indexer allows for the automatic indexing of the blades.

This allows us to make the mechanism much smaller and to put most of that mechanism on the back side of the blade where there is more room. The results are that we can easily relief grind even the new high blade count reels which dull much quicker without relief (lower left inset, 14 blade with 90%, 30° relief).

The mechanism is designed to use different width grinding stones, narrow stones for cutting units with limited clearance and wide stones to speed up the job. There is also an optional ceramic stone for even greater speed.

Relief Option
Order Number 77575-01

Extra Indexer
Order Number 77390-04

Ceramic Stone
Order Number 79093-05

Automatic In Feed

The automatic in feed for spin grinding will in feed the grinding wheel a set amount on each pass until the maximum passes is reached. This will free you up to do other things will the grinder does the work.

Order Number 77570-01


Digital Read Out

The digital read out makes set up and grinding easier and more precise.

Order Number 76800-01


Simplex 500E
Electric Lift

The Simplex 500E lift table is specifically designed to work with all of our table top reel grinders. The specially designed forks will let you easily roll a reel on the lift. They will support both narrow walk behind mowers and large mowers. The lift table will gently set the mower in place so you do not have to roll it across the grinder. It features 50 inches of lift, a 500 lb capacity and industrial grade casters. The lift's industrial grade battery pack and motor provide plenty of power and speed.

Order Number 76501-01


Cutting Unit Rack

The Cutting Unit Rack allows you to store up to 11 units in a very compact space.

Order Number 76600-01


Ceramic Relief

The Ceramic Relief Grinding Stone will put relief on even the thickest blades with just a few passes. It is twice as fast as the standard aluminum oxided stone and rarely loads up.

Order Number 79093-05


Extra Indexer

An extra Indexer saves you time when changing between relief grinding stone widths.

Order Number 77390-04


Extra Pi Tape

Order Number 77017-01


Other Options

Electric Hoist for shops that are too small for the Simplex 500E Lift Table. It bolts on to the rear left corner of the grinder.
Order Number 76700-01

Full Shield
Order Number77580-01

Dust Collector
Order Number 77085-02

Ground Driven Cutting Unit Support Posts are used for grinding reels with no front roller
Order Number 77322-01

Extended 10 year warranty
Order Number 77565-01