The Peerless 7000
Automatic Reel Grinder

Fastest. In tests comparing all of the major manufacturers’ grinders, the Peerless ground at least 2-3 times faster. The Peerless, with its unique grinding head and reel clamping design, can make heavier grinds with less vibration. And just because you can take heavy grinds doesn't mean you have to. This unique design also allows you to take very light grinds without grinding wheel hop or chatter.

Most precise. Only the Peerless can grind straight to within .001 inches and grind cylindrical and parallel within .002 inches. We can do this because of our revolutionary Total Parallel Grinding™ and Pi Tape measuring system.

Innovative. The new TorqueControl™ Automatic Relief Grinding system allows you to choose the optimum grinding wheel width for the reel you are grinding so you can get the job done more quickly. The Peerless 7000 features adjustable legs so you can set the grinder to a comfortable operating height. It also features an automatic front door that opens and closes with the flip of a switch.

Grind your way. The Peerless 7000 lets you choose only the options you need. Options can be added when the grinder is purchased or at any time in the future.

Order Number 70000-01