Reel Grinders


Digital Read Out

The digital read out makes set up and grinding easier and more precise. It can be added to any reel grinder model higher than 1500.

Order Number 76800-01


Spin Motor Mount Upgrade

This upgrade improves the mounting of the spin motor by simultanously clamping it in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

Order Number 77553-01


Indexer Mount Upgrade

This upgrade improves the rigidity and stability of the indexer which allows you to relief grind more aggressively while not damaging the indexer with the grinding stone. It is for any Peerless 7000 built before September 2013 or any other reel grinders with the new indexer mechanism upgraded before September 2013

Order Number 77627-11


Pi Tape Upgrade

The Pi Tape upgrade is free for all Peerless 2000 reel grinders purchased prior to January 2000. It improves the precision of the reel grinder by a factor of 10, while making the measurements and adjustments easier and more precise. One free upgrade per serial number.

Order Number 77017-10


Fence Upgrade

This upgrade adds the new low profile fence to any Peerless table top grinder. It features low profile fence posts to clear bracketing on some newer walk behind mowers. It also features a ratcheting right fence post for more precise adjustment during relief grinding. There is a core charge for the old fence if it is not returned.

Order Number 77695-10


Fence Jack Upgrade

The Fence Jack upgrade replaces the one piece cam used on all Peerless reel grinders with a two piece cam. The outer, knurled housing rotates on the inner housing which prevents the mower's roller from sliding and or side shifting the mower when you use the jack to lift the rear roller.

Order Number 77336-02


Radius Arm Upgrade

This upgrade replaces the spin motor radius arm which used bushings to a steel radius arm which uses bearings and is available for all Peerless Table Top Reel Grinders. Please indicate whether you have the older sheet metal or newer plastic belt guard.

Order Number 77304-11


Clutch Lockout

The clutch lock out is installed between the slip clutch and spin motor shaft and is used to lock spin motor outer shaft directly to the inner shaft and by pass the slip clutch. It is recommended for any one grinding reels with overly tight bearings or seals.

Order Number 77307-10


TorqueControlâ„¢ Relief Grinding

This upgrade adds automatic relief grinding capability to Peerless 2000 reel grinders built before December 1996.

Order Number 77575-10


New Indexer

This is a direct replacement for the indexers used on all Peerless table top reel grinders built before September 2013. It is a much easier and simpler mechanism which allows you to use different width grinding wheels. User response has been excellent with most telling us it cuts their relief grinding time in half.

For Collar and Complete Indexer
77627-01 Collar and
77390-03 Indexer


Door Switch

For Peerless 7000 Reel Grinders where a delay occurs after the door shuts before you can turn on the grinder. This is a free upgrade.

Order Number 15036-50


Pawl Upgrade

The Pawl Upgrade provides a sturdier, more reliable infeed mechanism.

Order Number 77534-20

Bed Knife Grinders


Pin Alignment

This upgrade for any Ideal 1100 or 6000 allows you to precisely set vertical pins once and then use the pins to position the bed knife from its pivot bolt. There are four positions and the pin can easily be moved to accomodate different length bed knives. This allows you to load and align a bed knife in under 30 seconds.

Order Number 60300-01



This upgrade is for any Ideal 1100 or 6000. This pallet requires that the bed knife have pivot mounting bolts. It aligns both the front face and the top face of the bed knife to the pivot mounting bolts to within .002 inches. It takes 15 to 30 seconds to load and align the bed knife.

Order Number 60000-95


Ideal 6000 Carriage Shield and Dust Wipes Kit

This upgrade adds a shield and the new brush wipes to the carriage which protects the trackshafts from grinding sparks and coolant.

Order Number 60297-01


Ideal 1000
V-Support Upgrade

This converts your Ideal 1000 to a V-Support for mounting bed knives. It requires that the bed knife have pivot mounting bolts. It aligns both the front face and the top face of the bed knife to the pivot mounting bolts to within .002 inches. It takes 15 to 30 seconds to load and align the bed knife. It requires drilling, tapping and reaming to a high precision for installation.

Installation Instructions

Order Number 60000-97

Drill, tap and reamer kit 60471-01


Ball & Shaft Support

This upgrade converts the bed knife support on the Ideal 1000 from a three point support to the line and point support used on the Ideal 6000. This makes it easier and more solid for mounting a bed knife.

Order Number 77492-01


Clamp Bracket

The angle brackets are used when bed knife shoe does not allow for easy clamping. By spanning the back of the shoe and the back of the bed knife, it creates a horizontal surface for easy clamping and is available for the Ideal 1000 and 1100 bed knife grinders.

Order Number 60285-01